On many occasions and throughout time we have neglected to understand well enough how our two feet work and how we can be more appreciative of them. We have undoubtedly depended on them to do their job daily until they give us discomfort thus affecting our daily activities and quality of life. Our feet are designed to walk on soft, natural and uneven terrain. As a matter of fact, and this may actually very well surprise you, our ancestors had much healthier feet and much better posture than us. Foot and postural related problems usually come with age and other factors such as:

  • The type of footwear we use
  • The flat and hard surfaces we stand and walk on
  • Obesity and Osteoarthritis

Foot posture is generally characterized by the contour of the medial longitudinal arch, and is typically divided into normal (rectus), low-arched (planus), or highly-arched (cavus) categories. Several techniques, including visual estimation, footprint parameters and radiographic evaluation have been used to classify foot posture.

How can balance arch support help?

By Justin Price

It's simple. FSI Balance Arch Supports are uniquely designed to support the arches in your feet. When the arches of your feet are supported, your entire body shifts back into alignment. All the compensations caused by overpronation can be reversed. Supporting the arches of your feet will enable your ankles and legs to rotate back out over the center of your feet, thereby reducing pressure on your feet, ankles and knees. As your knees, legs and hips fall into better alignment your pelvis can tip back into a more normal, relaxed position. Consequently, your lower back will experience less stress.

Less arch in your lower back will enable your upper back to straighten and your shoulders, neck and head to return to their optimal position (see diagram). As you can see, FSI Balance Supports not only help align and support your feet, but they can also take stress off all the major structures of your body caused by compensation patterns. A properly aligned body can easily and effectively compete with gravity and ground reaction forces. Most importantly, good alignment translates to fewer aches and discomforts in your body.


Restores the body's structure and biomechanics by realigning the joints


Thinnest in the market, fits and is transferable in any footwear including sandals and heels


Safe and non invasive solution to joints and back problems


Preventive and delaying degeneration of the joints Improved balance, reduces risk of falling in the elderly


Made from highest quality and long lasting


Stand straighter, taller with more confidence!